Does Real-Time Performance Feedback to DC Operators Make Sense?

An excerpt from the August 12, 2009 issue of Logistics News: Does Real-Time Performance Feedback to DC Operators Make Sense? Staple of Labor Management Systems Demos is Less Often Used, but Trends are Moving That Way "Steve Johnson, a principal at consulting firm Johnson Stephens Consulting in Atlanta, sees the benefits of real-time feedback, but agrees that adoption of the practice to date is still low. “LMS feedback to RF and Voice users offers the best opportunity yet to realize further productivity gains right at the point of work,” Johnson told SCDigest. He adds: “LMS providers are working to provide this as part of their solutions. We estimate that an additional 12 to 18% productivity improvement can be realized just from being able to feed back “the   score” to associates, literally as they are doing the work.” But, he says some companies feel real-time feedback can be a distraction and can actually dis-incent workers who will gear back to just 100% when they could do more, especially if there is no incentive for over-quota performance."

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