Gilt Groupe – Building a new Distribution Center – A SupplyChainBrain interview

Chris Halkyard - Chief Supply Chain Officer of Gilt Groupe, and Steve Johnson, Principal - Johnson Stephens Consulting are interviewed by Supply Chain Brain Editor-in-Chief Russell Goodman at the May 2012 WERC National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This video interview details how Gilt Groupe, the world's leading flash sales retailer, went about planning, designing, and implementing a new National Fulfillment Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The "Hypertrack" schedule and Hybrid design is detailed, which enabled Gilt to be shipping orders within three months of the initial start of planning for the new center. Chris and Steve share specifics on how this facility is exceeding service levels while reducing operating expense vs. the previous Gilt distribution network, and how this new distribution center positions Gilt Groupe for future growth.