Want a More Efficient, Effective Operation? Of Course!

Sandy Stephens, Managing Principal of Johnson Stephens Consulting, provides insight into how to capitalize on “effective” managers, resulting in enhancing warehouse/DC performance. 

Excerpts from the full article as published in May/June WERCSheet.

“While technology can be an invaluable and irreplaceable tool for supply chain operations of all sizes and types, the technology itself remains only a tool enhancing the abilities of effective managers. The effectiveness of the managers and their operations remains solely dependent upon the manager’s use of the tools and not the performance of the tools themselves.”

“The most effective tool in supply chain management today, as in the twentieth century, remains the effective manager employing scientific management.”

“For example, robotics and automation cannot perform without the movement of goods to and from the equipment. That movement depends upon the effective planning, coordination and real time adjustments by managers. The adjustments may involve staff planning, work assignments, workload/ product mix balancing and performance motivating feedback.”

“Establish a baseline for staffing and performance of each task by measuring units produced per work-hour for each machine and/or each person performing a task.”


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