Distribution Center Implementation

Material Handling Equipment Specifications are developed for each subsystem within the facility. The specifications list details of length, width, height, type, load capacity, guarding, sequencing, and controls for each individual component of the MHE system. Specifications serve as the foundation for MHE proposals to ensure that any MHE supplier will have the appropriate information to satisfy the requirements for the facility with the equipment offered.


Supplier Proposal and Selection Management is conducted on the client’s behalf by Johnson Stephens Consulting to insulate client executives from the constant detailed questions and sales pitch of the prospective suppliers. A detailed Request for Proposal document is developed and provided to each prospective supplier involved in the competitive bidding process. The RFP details the deadlines, business requirements, and equipment specifications for the project to facilitate “apples to apples” proposals from all bidders. After detailed review of the submitted proposals, Johnson Stephens Consulting provides a quantitative decision making scorecard. The scorecard integrates quantitative and subjective decision criteria through a weighted scoring exercise. The result is an independent and objective recommendation of the best value and best fit MHE supplier for each client site.

MHE Implementation Management is the ongoing presence and effort of Johnson Stephens Consulting professionals during the installation of equipment and start up of the facility. Weekly project communication meetings maintain open dialogue for all parties involved and keep the project on schedule. Minutes of each meeting are provided with ongoing progress updates for open issues. Upon completion of the MHE installation, formal acceptance testing is conducted and documented.

distcenterFacility Construction Management is available as required for each project. A 20 year veteran of retail distribution center and store construction leads the project management for the construction trades. This project management is provided independent of the MHE implementation management, however, the integration of the construction and MHE implementation teams is of great benefit. Communication and coordination are facilitated by our cohesive team.