Labor Management Systems

Johnson Stephens Consulting Labor Management services include:

  • SUCCEEDsm Labor Management System - Development & Implementation
  • Productivity and Labor Management Information Systems
  • SUCCEEDsm Digital Scoreboard System
  • Bonus Reward$sm Wage Incentive Plan Development & Implementation


The SUCCEEDsm Labor Management System provides a proven approach which enables realization of improved productivity, lower operating expenses, enhanced service and accuracy levels, and performance feedback to associates on-the-floor.  This approach focuses on establishing Preferred Methods (using LEAN Process Improvement) and on-the-floor time studies of associates in work areas to develop and implement objective measurement for labor activities. These studies, in combination with our many years of experience in engineered productivity standards development, are used to develop engineered standards tailored to a specific client need.  Our professionals utilize state-of-the-art state-of-the art tablet computers for actual timing. These devices enable the project engineers to spend more time on the floor with associates and less time performing data calculation summaries. The establishment of objective standards provides labor productivity improvement for companies that range from 10% to 30% of annual labor payroll expense.

Productivity and Labor Management Information Systems enable real time or daily feedback to associates and management.  These systems provide the “scorecards” which enables companies to achieve productivity improvement. Our firm has agreements with the leading providers of productivity and labor reporting systems software. Our consultants have extensive experience in the implementation and integration of these leading software solutions that provide employee and management feedback, reports, incentive bonus compensation calculations, and performance counseling administration. The SUCCEEDsm Digital Scoreboard System is offered and provides feedback to employees and management through the use of LCD TVs and LED signage.

Bonus REWARD$sm Wage Incentive Plan Development & Implementation provides a structured approach developed for a client’s particular situation with customized, individual incentive guidelines to calculate employee bonus rewards. This plan is generally offered in conjunction with the SUCCEEDsm Labor Management System.