Operations Improvement


Johnson Stephens Consulting provides general operations improvement services including:

  • Methods Improvement
  • LEAN Distribution – IIE Certified
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Operations Management Training
  • The SUCCEEDsm Workshop (Successful Coaching and Counseling for Effective Employee Development)

Methods Improvement Analysis is a detailed review of methods employed for each task within the distribution center. Our Industrial Engineering professionals observe the methods of each task and compare the results with many other JSC client distribution centers. Recommendations and examples of improvement opportunities are presented along with the potential savings and investment quantified for each recommendation.

LEAN Distribution employs analysis of the four P’s of Lean Distribution (Purpose, Process, Procedures, and People) and the associated questions to search for improvement opportunities. Our professionals are certified by the Institute of Industrial Engineers to develop and implement Lean tools such as process flow charts, value stream maps, 5S organization, and kanban work queues. The Lean Distribution process is an interactive and collaborative effort of JSC professionals and cross functional teams of facility management and workers.

Standard Operating Procedures are developed as the completion of Lean Distribution and at the start up of a new or redesigned distribution center. Johnson Stephens Consulting has developed an engaging illustrated format for SOP documentation which is easily understood by all skill levels of workers. The resulting documentation is normally used as an ongoing training and orientation tool following initial use.

SUCCEEDsm Management Training was developed over a period of fifteen years to prepare managers for labor management and continuous improvement initiatives. The SUCCEEDsm Workshop is a three day interactive workshop to educate managers concerning Change Management, Basic Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Fundamentals of Lean, Labor Management, Productivity Measurement, and culminating with the SUCCEEDsm Performance Counseling method. Managers are equipped with an understanding of the importance of front-line leadership, the impact they truly have on others, and proven techniques for influencing behavior.