Warehouse Management Systems

A world class supply chain is built on effectively integrating multiple complementary technologies.  Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are fundamental to running a significant best in class distribution facility.  Our business and technical knowledge allows us to determine what technologies are ideal and can help clients identify, understand, and implement appropriate solutions and streamline processes.

Our WMS services include:

  • WMS Assessment
  • WMS Selection
  • WMS Implementation

In today’s business environment, organizations must be constantly looking for ways to perform better.  Our WMS Assessment service provides a fresh perspective on your current warehouse operation and provides valuable information to help you determine what, how and when to make improvements.

Our service is based on a proven methodology that ensures the process is quick, yet extremely effective and thorough.  We will carefully analyze your distribution operations, including warehouse systems and processes, and provide a complete report that discusses what could work better in your current operations with the application of available warehouse technology.

Using our proven methodology we:

  • Gather and validate customer metrics
  • Inspect the distribution site
  • Analyze Metrics and Compare to Industry Benchmarks
  • Evaluate Possible Solutions
  • Provide Operations Improvement Suggestions
  • Provide System Improvement Suggestions
  • Provide Roadmap of recommended next steps

The results of the WMS Assessment are made available in our analysis document and a presentation to your team of our findings and suggestions.  Armed with this information, your organization is ready to make important decisions about its future.

The processes and requirements of each company’s supply chain are unique and it is imperative that you choose the software vendor that best suits your functional and technology needs.  The match should consider current and future supply chain requirements, technology needs, total cost of ownership and the ability of the software vendor and package to scale with your business.  Our WMS Selection service utilizes our proven methodology combined with market knowledge and years of experience to ensure that the software choice you make is the correct match now, and in the future.  Using our proven methodology we will:

  • Document detailed functional and technical requirements
  • Recommend Short List of Vendor Matches
  • Develop RFP
  • Develop Demonstration Script
  • Tailor Vendor Scorecard
  • Scoring, analysis, and comparison of vendor solutions
  • Redline Contracts and Assist with Negotiation
  • Provide Implementation Plan and Budget

We provide a comprehensive set of services necessary for successful WMS Implementation. Our experienced team can guide you through the complexities of a WMS implementation, while successfully upholding the always important project standards of on time and within budget.

Our detailed services include:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Definition
  • Design
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development
  • Software Configuration
  • Interface Design and Development
  • Training Planning
  • Training Aid Development
  • Training
  • Test Plan Development
  • Testing Support
  • Cutover Planning
  • Cutover Support
  • Post-Implementation Support
  • Post-Implementation Audits