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How Johnson Stephens Consulting can Improve your supply chain operations

Supply Chain Strategy Consulting

Are my distribution and fulfillment facilities in the correct location? Do I need more or fewer locations to optimize supply chain service levels and operating costs? Are my current operations “world class”? How should my transportation network be configured and structured? These are strategic questions that require in-depth analysis by experienced professionals. Johnson Stephens Consulting provides leading edge experience and solutions to these strategic questions through the following services:

Planning, Design and Implementation

How much space do I need for my distribution center? Can I retrofit my existing fulfillment center to address business growth? What Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Systems technologies make sense to implement and why? Facilities questions such as these are addressed by experienced Johnson Stephens Consulting professionals through a quantitative-based, practical, collaborative, and proven approach. The following services detail how we can assist in the supply chain facility design process:

Technology Systems and Implementation

What Warehouse Management System (WMS) should I purchase and implement? How do I go about selecting a new WMS? Which Transportation Management System (TMS)? Do I need a best of breed approach vs. an ERP WM solution? Johnson Stephens Consulting professionals provide experience honed over many years of efforts assisting in selecting and integrating Supply Chain Technology solutions. Our suite of services include implementing the following types of SCE solutions:

Operations Improvement

What opportunities for improvement exist in my facilities & processes? What does it take to become a “world class” supply chain? What metrics and methods of measurement should I be employing? What is a Labor Management System and does it make sense to implement a LMS in my operations? Solutions to these question are addressed by the following services:

Supply Chain