3PL Selection Assistance

3PL Selection Assistance3PL Selection Assistance — If you do not have a current third-party logistics (3PL) provider, you are not happy with your current 3PL contract or the provider’s services in general, it might be time to start considering alternative options. Selecting the right 3PL can often be challenging to define the organizational requirements along with sorting through the vast number of providers out there. In certain situations, it might even make more sense to build a warehouse and do everything yourself rather than engaging in a specific 3PL provider. As part of our 3PL selection assistance process, our team of consulting experts can help guide your organization to select the best equipped 3PL, while providing a customized solution that fits your business needs.

JSC professionals are highly experienced in assessing whether a 3PL organization should be considered for transportation or distribution functions. Our approach includes a highly structured process to simulate in-house vs. 3PL costs and services. These services include FRI & RFP development, proposal analysis, provider selection, contract negotiation, recommendations, and implementation assistance.

For guidance on how to successfully transition to a third-party provider, click here to read our latest white paper.  This white papee examines and guides companies in selecting the right 3PL provider by highlighting critical success factors along the way.

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