Distribution Center Planning and Design

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The DC Requirements Definition is then used as input for Technology Assessment. Determining the right types of equipment and automation for each specific area is the key to maximizing return on investment. ROI and IRR are the determining factors for selecting the appropriate levels of technology for each facility.

After exhaustive analysis to determine the requirements and technology, the layout and design of the facility can be effectively developed. Johnson Stephens Consulting will utilize the results of analysis to prepare conceptual design options for consideration. Preparing multiple options allows for a collaborative effort with each client to select the best possible layout to meet quantitative and subjective requirements. The detailed dimensions of the MHE system are then added to the design to create the detailed design. Johnson Stephens Consulting strives to provide seamless paths of expansion for every design. Providing for growth well beyond the original planning horizon minimizes future disruptions when additional capacity is required.

Detailed design provides overhead views and side view elevation Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) drawings for all of the equipment to be utilized in the distribution center.

JSC Professionals also employ the industry-leading warehouse design software, Slot3Dtm, an economic-based slotting tool that is fully integrated with AutoCAD. This versatile tool enables fixed, labor, and capital costs to be fully considered to ensure that SKUs are optimally slotted for order picking and fulfillment.

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