Site Selection and Economic Incentives, Assessment, and Negotiation

JSC offers site selection services that guarantee the selection of a location that will meet the actual needs of the planned facility.

Site Selection is the process of evaluating all available sites for a distribution facility. The first stage of selection ensures the sites meet a list of minimum requirements. Each feasible site is then visited to further evaluate the site’s ability to meet the actual needs of the planned facility. A list of finalists sites is then compared in detail to determine which sites provide the best possible solution. Criteria used to evaluate sites include labor availability, the skill level of the workforce, labor market wage rates, economic development incentives, parking requirements, utility rates, proximity to major transportation, dock requirements, ceiling height, and other physical facility characteristics.

Site Selection

Economic Development Incentives Assessment and Negotiation is conducted in coordination with Site Selection. Tax credits, employee screening, training assistance, tax abatement, and infrastructure improvements are only a portion of the available incentives. Our professional team investigates the hidden opportunities to significantly increase the incentives offered by competing states and municipalities.

JSC uses Starboard Navigator software, the leading supply chain network optimization modeling tool.  In addition, JSC develops proprietary a JSC Space Plannersm, JSC Operating Expense Modelersm, JSC Technology Assessment Toolsm, capital investment tools, uses of AutoCAD, and other supporting modeling tools for supply chain network optimization efforts.

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